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We would like to thank the following people for their time and patience in putting this website together

Jackie Desborough, Headteacher at Lavendon Combined School for finding somewhere to house us!

Tim Bedward for putting together the presentation to the Millennium Commission and our Clutch team and for dreaming up the original topic "Growing up in Lavendon Between the Wars". Thanks Tim!

The Clutch Support Team at the Open University for the training and support when we needed it.

Nicola Toms, our mentor from the Support Team, for her encouragement and hours spent making sure we were on track for the deadline!

Rod and Joan Moore for their wonderful tales and much laughter. Their audio clips are quite something!

Lesley Barrett, our local history expert in the village especially regarding the church.

Lyn Martin, Joan Panter and John Panter for the photographs and other information they so generously loaned to us.

Milton Keynes Central Library for letting Nadean sit in there for what seemed like days scanning through the old Bucks Standard newspapers for titbits of information.

Also, to our families for putting up with us and baby-sitting during the long hours we spent on the project!

Cicely Hooton, for her time talking to Sharon about her memories of 'when she was a girl'.

We are sure there were lots more people to thank but are running out of space - so THANK YOU EVERYONE!!

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