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School Milk
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The school milk was delivered in little 3rd pint bottles in crates every day. During the cold weather the school used to have big coke stoves with a big guard that the children used to sit round. The milk bottles were stood just inside the guard to warm it so that when it was break time the children could enjoy warm milk
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School Diary's
1920 - Brief Details
As part of school lessons children were given time out of school to collect blackberries and to tend to potato plots.

8th March 1918 the children collected and dispatched 1158 lbs of blackberries and 20 bushels of potatoes. Over 40 bushels of potatoes were grown however the crop was so badly blighted that only 20 were edible.

10th May 1918 - education Office has sent a small book on potato culture and a series of lessons on food values.

24th May 1918 - no garden work possible due to unfavourable weather conditions.

20th September 1918 - Holiday given Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons children blackberry picking for soldiers and sailors.

27th September 1918 - Children away blackberrying Monday, Tuesday and wednesday afternoons. Potato plotters are raising potatoes as disease is spreading amongst them.

18th October 1918 - Blackberrying in full swing - 1519 lb gathered total so far 4126 lbs 12 ozs
1920 - Full Details
1923 - Brief Details
1923 - Full Details