30 Years Service by
Pamela Prickett
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Mrs Pamela Prickett S.R.N joined the staff of Husborne Crawley school in September 1970, as a general assistant, and retired 30 years later in April 2001.

Pam Prickett
"When I joined the school the headteacher was Mrs Jane Downes and the school had two classrooms with the Reading Room being used as an extra classroom until we got a terrapin unit, which we got a couple of years later. Mrs Downes lived in the schoolhouse and Mr Peacock was the lollipop man. The school age was from rising fives to 11, as we still had the 11 plus then. There wasn't a school uniform when I started, this came later. I worked under 8 headteachers: Mrs Downes, Mrs Lewis, Mrs Lester, Mrs Jefferies, Mrs Crick, Mrs Clarke, Mrs Sims and the present head , Mrs Mercer.
Present and past staff gather for Mrs Prickett's leaving party
The school had a learner swimming pool when I started, as did all Bedfordshire Primary schools, but unfortunately this went in the early 90's due to cutbacks and high maintenance costs.
Infant teacher Mrs Rosie Beat with pupils standing in front of swimming pool