Mrs Jane Downes
Headteacher 1968-
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My memories by Jane Downes

Mrs Jane Downes took up the appointment as headteacher of Husborne Crawley school at the beginning of January 1968. Mrs Downes replaces Miss Audrey Fraser who had been headteacher for nine years.

Mrs Jane Downes
"The school, then, consisted of three classes. The Infant class was held in the Reading Room, which was across the road from the main building. It was damp and cold and everything had to be cleared into cupboards at the end of the day. The heating was from two small coke stoves, which had to be lit each morning.The children had to cross the road three times a day, this was to attend assembly, have lunch, and at end of day. The teacher who crossed with the Infant class took her life in her hands to stop traffic to allow the children to cross. After much complaining we were eventually given a crossing patrol.

The second class was in a very small room in the main school building and had fewer children in. Two part-time teachers taught there, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon.
The top class was in the large classroom. The age range was from eight to eleven years old. This class was taken by Mrs Downes.

There was one large black coke stove in each classroom, the fumes at times were unbearable! Initially we did not have a school secretary. The only telephone was in the school house and a filing cabinet, for correspondence and records, had it's home in the corner of the large classroom.
The small entrance was filled with P.E equipment and the toilets were outside. The teachers had nowhere to make a cup of tea or sit at break times. Changes had to be made!!!

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