Mrs Jane Downes
Headteacher 1968-1981
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Mrs Downes and pupils walking through the now enclosed area towards the toilets. Can you spot Mrs Rosie Beat in the background?
The P.E equipment was cleared out to an outside cupboard and the entrance made into an office and staffroom. It was furnished with a telephone and easy chairs. At this time a secretary and a welfare assistant were appointed.
The open passage to the toilets was enclosed, the wooden partition was extended to the ceiling, coke stoves were replaced with electric storage heaters and wooden desks gave way to tables and chairs.
Because the numbers of pupils had increased the local authority decided to put up a mobile classroom, for the infants, in a field adjoining the school grounds. This made a great improvement to the school
Ariel view of school in the sixties
'X' marks the spot where mobile classroom was placed
During the seventies various events took place, noteable among these were the celebrations for the school centenary and a special sports day to mark the Queens' Jubilee in 1977.
1977 celebrations