Mrs Jane Downes
Headteacher 1968-1981
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The school in the seventies
Harvest festivals and nativity plays were held in the church. One year we had a real donkey coming onto the church with Mary and Joseph. The produce from the Harvest service was distributed to the people over sixty in Husborne Crawley and Salford.

The top class visited the water-works in Aspley Guise and had an exchange day with Ampthill Road School in Bedford.

We had two major concerts, one scenes from 'Hansel & Gretel' by Humperdink and the other 'Joseph and his multi-coloured Dream Coat' by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

The P.T.A played a great part in school life. They bought a colour television to replace the black and white one issued by the Education Authority. They also paid for and erected a changing room for the swimming pool. Some of the mothers came to help in school by hearing individual children reading.

In the late seventies three banded education system was introduced. This meant that all the 10 and 11 year olds were moved to a `middle school, with a consequence of reducing the numbers in Husborne Crawley School.
School group of 1966/7
with Mrs Downes top right
Mrs Downes retires in 1981