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In January 1972 Husborne Crawley won the year long battle to get a school crossing patrol. This was something that was desperately needed as School Lane was a very fast road and was getting busier every day. The headteacher at the time was Mrs Jane Downes.
Presentation to Jill Sibley
in June 1996 for 20 years service.
In the Spring of 2001 Jill Sibley, who had lived all her life in Husborne Crawley, died weeks before completing 25 years as the school lollipop lady. In her memory a garden is to be opened in the school grounds simply to be known as ' Jill's Garden'.
The lollipop person who suceeded Jill, was again a local person born in Husborne Crawley, Les Pearce.
Les Pearce at work outside
Husborne Crawley School in 2001