Les Pearce
Husborne Crawley Pupil
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"I was born on 28th December 1935 and grew up at No 21. I have lived in Crawley all my life. My mother's name was Mary Peacock and she also grew up in Crawley. My father, Charles Pearce, came from Ridgmont. He used to work for the Estate at somewhere called the "Pleasure Grounds". They were gardens near Eversholt where they grew all the flowers for the Abbey. He worked there all his life.

There were 7 children in my family. 4 boys, George, Ron, Wilf and me and 3 girls, Eva, Ruby and Grace.
1943: Crawley School Children outside No 34
collecting scrap paper

Les Pearce is on the far right, aged about 8
Mrs Lawrence was the Head Teacher. I don't remember there being other teachers. We used to do knitting, just the same as the girls. It was only plain knitting but we used to knit squares and sew them all together to make a little blanket. I don't remember getting in any big trouble but Mrs Lawrence was very strict and if she did tell you off about something you'd be careful not to do it again.

I can't remember any particular games that we used to play apart from football. We used to play football a lot when I was a boy and we'd often play in the Rec or in the "Football Field" that was on the right as you come out of Husborne Crawley towards Woburn.
Boys playing in the "Football Field"