Mrs Anna Sims
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Anna Sims recalls her time spent as Headteacher of Husborne Crawley School:
"I took up my post as headteacher in January 1994. At that time we were not able to use the first floor of the school house, as the stairs opened into the Reception classroom and there was no fire exit. Plans were in place for a new staircase, which would start from the small entrance hall, but during the previous few years, there was never sufficient money. I suggested turning the bottom five stairs only, leaving the rest of the staircase intact and with the help of some of our really supportive parents, in particular Mr Wisson and Mr Styles, this was completed during that first summer holiday.
One of my enjoyable tasks that summer was deciding how to use this vast amount of additional space. The main bedroom became a staffroom, the second a resources room and the third bedroom my office. We also had a small cloakroom, and the cupboard at the top of the stairs was used for storing all the materials and costumes for our plays and concerts.
Before the staircase alterations
"I then reorganised the timetable to have a Country Crafts afternoon, where children could try different activities each half term. Mrs Prickett, our classroom assistant, took a group for cooking and was careful to include seasonal recipes, or specific foods to link with topic work. I well remember the proud children coming back with samples for us all to taste and they were truly delicious ( perhaps she might be persuaded, now she has retired, to create a seasonal cookery book? I would be first with my order.)
Mrs Dillon taught the children country dancing and we practised for the various fetes and festivals under her supervision. She also introduced Unihoc and we took part regularly in the tournaments for schools from Leighton-Linslade and the surrounding villages. Diane Coxhead, our Nursery Nurse, took a group for clay work. When she moved on, her place was ably taken by Mrs Jan Markham. Mrs Chalk and a small group of parents inspired our gardening, and Mrs Mercer organised sewing and other craft activities. I really enjoyed going round the school seeing all the children enjoying their sessions, and at the end of each half term we had a sharing time where each group showed what they had done.
Diane Coxhead & Class I on an outing to Whipsnade Zoo in the summer of 1994