30 Years Service by
Pam Prickett
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The schoolhouse was converted into a classroom when Mrs Lester was Head. Mrs Lester also brought in the wearing of a school uniform which comprised of grey jumpers and red ties. The last head to live in the schoolhouse was Mrs Lewis. While Mrs Lewis was there we lost the terrapin classroom, as our numbers had fallen, and we were back to two classrooms again.

I remember also while Cath Lewis was head the Bomb scare. The school was used as a Polling Station in those days but not closed as a school and it was on one of these days that the bomb scare occurred. The children and staff were evacuated into the rec, the police were called but no bomb was found. When Anna Sims became Head she stopped the school being used during elections and the Reading room is now used as a Polling Station.

A lovely tradition that was started by Cath Lewis, is that of the Harvest distribution of food parcels by the school children to all the old people in Husborne Crawley and Salford.

In the time of Anna Sims the school was flooded. The main hall was under 4" of water, the pipes hadn't been lagged, and the floor and piano, to mention just a few items, were ruined. Every cloud has a silver lining they say, well we got a new hall floor, piano, computers, books and cupboards.

Cath Lewis & Pam Prickett