Catherine Lewis
Headteacher 1980-85
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A Time to Remember
Catherine Lewis
"Husborne Crawley School, half a mile from the M1 and set idyllically among farm fields with the Woburn Abbey woods beyond, was built in1867: an attractive black and white building with the school house at one end and the school at the other.

The school consisted of two classrooms, one rather small, and the other very large which served also as dining room and school hall. There was also a mobile classroom which served as the infant unit. The staff-room cum head's room cum office was similar to an enlarged entrance porch. The school house was attractive, but its amenities were rather basic compared with what one expects nowadays. There were three bedrooms; two toilets, one downstairs but outside and one upstairs; and a downstairs room with a bath and nothing else, squeezed in at one end of the kitchen- obviously a fairly recent addition. The pantry at the other end of the long kitchen was so cold that huge icicles hung in there for most of the winter. Open fires were the only form of heating provided in the house, though the school boasted several night storage heaters in the classrooms. Throughout my happy residence in the school house we used Calor Gas heaters, though frequently luxuriating with an open fire.

Living in the school house was a new experience - it was the first time I had lived "over the shop" as it were. Mornings started early and the working day often extended well into the evening. It was hard but rewarding work, and I very much enjoyed my years at Husborne Crawley. I lived happily in the house and was a little sad to learn recently that it is now incorporated into the school and no longer a residence; but really this is sensible progress.

Ariel view of school taken in the early 80's showing mobile classroom (left of photo) and swimming pool (at rear on playground) and the car parking area to the front, which is over filled in ditch.