Catherine Lewis
Headteacher 1980-85
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Catherine Lewis
I took up my appointment as teaching head in August 1980, and moved into the school house. Term started on September 3rd. I had already met my various new colleagues. My fellow teachers were Mrs Griffin and Mrs Pidgeon; no one could have had more supportive, co-operative and able colleagues.
Mrs Griffin, top right, with parents and pupils on an outing in July 1982
Mrs Lawson, our peripatetic music teacher, did wonders with the children's singing and instrument playing in her weekly afternoon visit. Then there was Mrs Prickett, our infant helper; she showed a kindly, motherly concern for every one, and as she was an SRN our first aid problems were in expert hands. Our school secretary was Mrs Watson. I don't think I could have survived doing both teaching and administration without her efficient help on the two days per week that she came to us. Her grand sense of humour was a tonic to us all. Another essential member of staff was Jill Sibley, the school road crossing officer - ever cheerful and efficient. Sadly she died earlier this year (2001).
Mrs Watson
Jill Sibley