About Us
Andrew Bannerman - has two children, Nicholas at the school and Philip, just about to start. He based his project on Taylors.

Rosanna Johnson - has two children at the school, Philip in Year 1 and David in Reception. She decided to base her part of the project on the buildings of Odells, The Church of St Peter and St Paul and the Swan Revived.

Sharon Morris - has 2 children at the school, Kelly and Jodie. Has based her project on the Medical Centre site, formally W.J. Cooper and prior to that the Newport Pagnell Brewery Co. She has also researched some of the celebrated events in Newport Pagnell and hopes to add to the project at a later date.

Lea Smith - has three children, two at Green Park, Jed in Year 7 and Josh in Year 4 and the third, Crystal goes to Ousedale and is in Year 11. Her decision to do her project on Newport Pagnell's Fire Brigade was due to the fact that her Husband is a retained Fireman and used to be base at the Newport Fire Station.