In Newport Pagnell the residents of sometime standing talk of Taylors mustard as being the finest you can get. I have wondered about this during my short life here and having tasted it I can now see why.

In this project I decided to look at the development of the business.

The business was founded by William Taylor who arrived in Newport Pagnell in 1825 and set up his business in the High Street. It is thought that he was a Cornishman.

His business expanded and in 1830 he relocated to land on the other side of the road and opened as an apothecary/ druggist.
As the land contained a well, he started developing a soft drinks business, producing sodawater, lithium water and seltzers. This proved successful and developed into a thriving business. The water was very good for soft drinks as it had passed through a layer of oolitic limestone, making the water very hard.
After a couple of years he started experimenting with preparing mustard and eventually produced the condiment that is still sold today, to the same recipe. The mustard found popularity in high places including the table of King William IV (whose portrait still appears on the jars) and on the ships of the then Royal Navy. It was popular with the Navy because of its strong taste and long life. It easily spiced up salted meat, possibly of dubious quality.
WILLIAM TAYLOR the founder of the company photographed in the grounds of the business. He is believed to be from Cornwall and settled in the town in 1825. He seems to have been an entrepreneur starting little businesses which quickly became successful.