Newport Pagnell
Motor Car Syndicate
The first rural motor bus service
The Newport Pagnell Motor Syndicate was established in 1899. Ten shareholders owned the company.

Namely: W. Tole (General Manager), J. West, A. Simpson, C. Lawman, O. H. Bull, B Wilford, T. Hickson, G. W. Pearce, W. Trevor (Chairman) and R. Wadhams.

The syndicate commissioned Mulliner of Northampton (coach and carriage makers) to fit their Daimler Benz car with a wagonette to seat ten people. The above photograph shows the bus in Olney.
To promote the motor bus service, in January 1899 the Syndicate organised a parade of five cars and a motor cycle between Olney and Newport Pagnell. The Daimler Benz bus was starting from Messrs Salmons and Son's Coach works in Newport Pagnell carrying the ten members of the syndicate, followed by Mr Mulliner of Northampton, then came a car of Mr Grimshave, then another Daimler Benz driven by Mr Letzer with four passengers. The fifth car in the line was Mr. Ashby's followed by Mr.Salmons on his motor cycle. The picture below shows some of the participants after arriving back to Newport in front of the Swan Hotel.
In September 1899 an accident was recorded involving a horse and a bus. A court case followed. A local farmer, owner of the horse, was claiming £20, but it took only three hours for the jury to decide that "They thought the affair was an accident and there was no negligence on either side."

The bus service between Newport Pagnell and Olney continued for a few years and was well supported. Later other motor bus services appeared on the scene and it was decided to close the operation.

If you would like to know more about the Car Syndicate please take a look at our Credits page which credits a book written by Gerald Mann titled 'Victorian Transport Schemes'.
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