The Newport Pagnell and District Tramway


A few years after the failure of the Newport Pagnell to Olney Railway, local people still wanted a transport system between the two towns. The Tramway from Stony Stratford to Wolverton was very popular which encouraged a similar scheme between Newport Pagnell and Olney.

After many meetings, little progress was made.There were obstacles like: who was responsible for maintaining the bridges on route of the tramways because the bridges were under private ownership and were managed by bridge trustees.

In his book 'Victorian Transport Schemes1863-1900', Gerald Mann wrote "Some of the Bridge Trustees saw the opportunity to have their bridges repaired and strengthened, also in some cases widened at no cost to them, all the cost falling upon the tramway company who wished to lay their rails over these bridges."

At the very beginning of 1888, most objections were resolved and the laying of the first tracks began at Olney.

In the picture above you can see the tracks in Olney High Street and below High Street Newport Pagnell both taken from Gerald Mann's above-mentioned book.
New difficulties arose. For example, the Tramway Company went into liquidation but later re-emerged as 'The Nort-Western and Midland District Auxiliary Limited." Despite the problems, good progress was made.

They struggled to please the local people and companies.Trying to meet the unreasonable and endless demands of the Bridge Trustees, financial difficulties and the refusal of The Board of Trade to lay the rails thorough Emberton village were just some of the main contributing factors adding to their ongoing problems.

Under this continuing strain, the tramway company collapsed in November 1892.

Gerald Mann's book gives excellent detailed information about the meetings between all concerned re garding the tramway.The same book makes an interesting and very informarive reading about The Newport Pagnell Motor Car Syndicate and local railway systems.

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