History of the Newport Pagnell to Wolverton Branch Railway.
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Early Projects
Company Failure
Train Service
Significant Diary Dates:

Tuesday 16 June 1863

Bells rung at Newport to celebrate passing of Newport Pagnell Railway Act through committee of House of Commons. Owing to the opposition of the Grand Junction Canal Co. the passing of the bill had been considered doubtful. (BM)

Monday .23 July 1866
Line opened for goods, cattle and parcels. (CWS).

Monday 2 September 1867
Ceremonial opening of line for passenger traffic. Shops shut in afternoon; streets decorated; rustic sports in Bury Field; church bells rung. Dinner in evening at Swan Hotel. (CWS.NPG).

Tuesday 3 September 1867
Ordinary traffic begun; tea and tobacco given to old people. More sports in Bury Field. (CWS, NPG)

5 September 1964
The train runs for passengers for the last time.
The 2-4-2 former LMS tank engine No.1222 ran for the last time for passenger traffic.

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Summary: Bradwell Windmill (derelict) and Newport Pagnell Branch Railway line
Place: Bradwell Windmill, Bradwell, Wolverton, Bucks, UK
Photo phWolverton24
© Buckinghamshire County Council 20 March 2000[Image]