History of the Newport Pagnell to Wolverton Branch Railway - Sources. Return to History
Giffard Park Clutch Club are indebted to the Newport Pagnell Historical Society for the invaluable notes reproduced on these pages by kind permission.

Many of the notes used were compiled by Geoffrey Webb, 17 The Circle, Cricklewood, London, NW2, or c/o The Railway Club, 320 High Holborn, London.

The following sources are mentioned by the author:

Acts of Parliament. Of these the 1870 is the most informative: the preamble contains a precise catalogue of the financial misfortunes of the company. Bradshaw's Railway Shareholders Manual. The volumes were issued annually. Balance sheets for 30 June1865 and 30 June 1866 are given, and the names of the directors each year, (the 1865 volume was out of date in this respect when it was issued), together with summaries of the Acts of Parliament.

Bradshaw's Railway and Travellers Guide (Bradshaw) contains timetables, and, usually the names of the Secretary and the manager of each company and sometimes gives fares as well.
Parliamentary Return of Passenger and Goods Traffic and Receipts.
Parliamentary Return of Working Expenses and Rolling Stock. The company omitted to make returns in the years 1868-70.
Parliamentary Return of Capital. The company omitted to make returns in the years 1868 and 1869. Newspapers National and Railway. (The Times, Herapeth's Journal, Railway Times and Railway News).
The only events connected with the NPR to be reported are shareholders meetings. After 1866 the only meetings recorded are two Wharncliffe meetings held in 1871 and 1875 which are of no interest. The NPR shares do not appear in the lists of share prices.
Local - Croydon's Weekly Standard 1864 (up to 28 July); 1865, 1866, 1867
Newport Pagnell Gazette 1867, 1868, 1869.
Railway Company's Minute Books. The whereabouts of the NPR Co's minute books are unknown. Information derived from the L&NW Company's books is kept separate in these notes because they are in the hands of the BTC Archivist, 66 Porchester Road, London, and should not be published without his permission. This permission will not normally be withheld.

Pictures used from Buckinghamshire County Council's website have been acknowledged accordingly.