History of the Newport Pagnell to Wolverton
Branch Railway - Train Service.
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The original service consisted of seven trains each way weekdays and two on Sundays.

Fares from Newport for lst, 2nd and 3rd class passengers were:

Linford 6d., 4d., 2d.; Bradwell lOd., 7d., 4d.; Wolverton ls., 8d., 4d.

Sunday trains were withdrawn from January 1869. From March 1869 the first train each way is shown as "gvt" (i.e. government). "gvt" fares are shown from March to May 1875 and are ld. 3d. and 3.5d. respectively from Newport.

Originally some trains did not stop at one or both of the intermediate stations, but as from December 1874 all trains stopped at all stations, although some stops were conditional (Bradshaw).

In 1872 mails were carried for the first time, the company receiving £13 a year for the service. In the same year goods trains were run for the first time. Previously all trains were mixed, i.e. they carried goods, if required, as well as passengers. In the same year also weekly tickets for workmen were introduced. In 1873 and 1874 the average number of tickets issued weekly was over 120. The facility was withdrawn when the LNWR took over (Parly Returns). These tickets cost 1/6 for men and 1/- for boys from Newport and 1/- for men or boys from Linford (LNW Report to Board). Of the ordinary passengers about 8 out of 9 travelled 3rd class - a much higher proportion than on most railways (Parly Returns).

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