In the last 50 years the term 'Holiday' has come to mean completely different things to the children from each generation.
During the war years and afterwards a day off from school was thought of as a holiday. This could have been a day out at Newport Pagnell for instance or even a picnic by the river. There were very few school outings but they did have time off for religious festivals, country fairs and royal occasions. People did go away but it tended to be to visit relatives and not necessarily to the coastal resorts, as many people could not afford to go away. Sunday School offered another opportunity for a day out for many children.
It was the creation of the package holidays in the early 1960’s, which changed many peoples definition of a holiday. Many people went abroad for the first time.
School outings became more popular and more educational, visiting zoo’s, museums, etc.
If you talk to many children today they regard a holiday as a week or even two weeks away from home, visiting coastal resorts or even travelling abroad. Many children in the school have visited different parts of Europe, some to America and even Australia has been visited.
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