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Queens School

Mike Rowlands

Mike Rowlands has been involved with Queens school for a long time because he has a daughter with severe learning difficulties. Emma went to the original Queensway school in Bletchley, for half a day per week, early 1974. Then she went to Queens school when it moved to the site in Whalley Drive in September 1974, led by a very able Miss Welby. Emma is now 28 and goes to Whaddon Way day centre and lives at home. Mike was first involved as a parent and then actively in the school when the swimming pool was built. Although he hates painting it was one of the first 'jobs' he did for the new school, painting the new swimming pool area.

Miss Welby was at the school until she retired in 1976, and Mike has nothing but praise for the work she did for the children and parents.

Mr Ted Shelley then took over as Head teacher, and was a strong educationalist. Ted suggested that a parents and friends association was set up for the school. Mike was one of the first committee members and his wife was the first secretary in 1978. Mike has stayed active in the support group and is still involved with PAFORS today.

Mike plays an active role in the yearly bonfire and firework display, and has done for the last 20 years.
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