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There was another group running in wolverton, so it was decided that they should bring the 2 groups together, and secured The Old Clinic in Bletchley in 1962, which had 2 rooms. So they divided the group into smaller groups. Mrs Berrill took the over 16’s and Miss Welby took the under 16’s. Her first assistant was her sister Mrs Weston and when she left Mrs Farley became her assistant.

They had school dinners bought in and not only had to do the administration but had to dish up the dinners , clean the dishes, clean the classrooms etc. They did a range of subjects including games, singing, puzzles, social training and swimming at the local swimming pool.

In 1967 Mrs Berrills group of older pupils moved into a purpose built building for adults with learning difficulties. Leaving Miss Welby’s group with to whole building. They now called themselves The Queensway School because they were now governed by the Education Department.
Above, the clinic as it is today.
Circled above, the Old clinic in the 1960's.
The photograph right shows Mrs Ena Gellard with a group of children outside the back door of the clinic at Bletchley, in the late 1960s.
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