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The photographs above were all taken at the old clinic, Bletchley in the 1960's.
The Queensway school was governed by the education department a new school was built in Whalley Drive Bletchley. They were given more money for more staff and more equipment which made life much easier. Miss Welby was never given any formal training and had to learn the job as she went along.

Miss Welby still refers to the building as being Queensway School, but to save confusion the Post Office changed the name to Queens School.

They now had 18 staff including a cook, kitchen helper and school cleaners.

In 1972 it was decided that a swimming pool should be built as it would help with mobility and give the children something they enjoyed. They started the fund with a donation of £30 although they needed £3,000, which the Rotary Club helped to raise.

Miss Eva Welby retired in 1976.
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