St Mary Magdalene
The 1980's
First Pilgrimage
September 1980, the first parish pilgrimage from St Mary Magdalene church took place, to Lourdes. They have continued to take place regularly ever since.
The group who went on the pilgrimage to Lourdes in 1999.
Fr Connolly is seated in the middle.
New Bishop
On 29th September 1982, a new Bishop of Northampton was appointed, Monsignor Francis G Thomas.
Silver Jubilee
1983 was the Silver Jubilee anniversary of the building of the church in Stony Stratford and, although the anniversary was on 25th September, the Bishop was not available then, so a date was set for Wednesday, 30th November. This was to be a celebration of the 25th anniversary and also the Dedication of the church (previously known as the Consecration).

Preparations were underway but, unfortunately, Fr Connolly, who had been unwell for some months, was admitted to hospital on 12th November, so the celebrations were postponed. His doctors did not allow Fr Connolly to return to full time work until February 1984.

Roman Catholic Secondary School
Also in September 1983, it was confirmed that a Roman Catholic secondary school would be built in Milton Keynes. Previously, the nearest schools had been in Bedford. It was expected that the school would be ready in 1988.
St Mary Magdalene School
On 10th September 1984, St Mary Magdalene RC Combined School opened in Greenleys, but within the boundary of St Mary Magdalene church, with about 100 pupils, a headmaster and 4 teachers. The school was to serve both parishes, plus any neighbouring parishes.
St Mary Magdalene school - January 2001
The Bishop's Visitation
From 23rd November to 25th November 1984, the Bishop of Northampton, Bishop Thomas, came to visit the parish. On Friday 23rd, he blessed the new school and said Mass at 10.30am. At 7pm there was a social gathering in the school so that the parishioners could meet him.
Consecration of the Church
On Saturday 24th November 1984 at 7pm, the Bishop performed the Dedication of St Mary Magdalene church at a concelebrated Mass, a year later than originally planned. On the Sunday morning he was at both morning Masses, then at 3pm he celebrated a Confirmation Mass. A busy weekend for everyone!