St Mary Magdalene
The 1970's
New Buildings
The Bishop had decided in 1970 that, with the growth of Milton Keynes, a priest's house would be needed at Stony Stratford. Although there was the possibility that the diocese would help, the parish would need to raise funds for it.

In 1971, discussions were held with the Bishop about building a parish hall - £4,000 was the maximum the parish was to be allowed to spend on it.

The building of the presbytery and new Sacristy commenced around March 1972 and was completed by May 1973.

In July 1974, Milton Keynes Council gave planning permission for the parish hall, which the parish agreed to build itself, to keep the costs down. By May 1975 the foundations had been laid and they were ready to start on the walls. Sadly, things then slowed down and it took until about 1990 to finish the hall, although the shell was up, and the hall was used occasionally, for some years before that.

Father Connolly's Silver Jubilee
July 11th 1973 was the 25th anniversary of Fr Connolly's ordination into the priesthood, his Silver Jubilee.

It was marked by a concelebrated Mass in Latin in St Mary Magdalene church at 12 noon with Bishop Grant and many of the priests of the diocese. A second Mass was celebrated at 7.30pm at St Francis de Sales church in Wolverton.

Prior to this, on July 7th, Fr Connolly invited all the children of the parish to a children's party following a special Mass at 2.30pm.

After the 7.30pm Mass on his Jubilee day, a reception was given in the Craufurd Arms Hotel in Wolverton, called a "Convivial Celebration". A presentation was made to Fr Connolly on behalf of the parish by Miss Rosa Sigwort. Mrs Connolly, Fr Connolly's mother, who lived with him, was persuaded to join him on the platform. It was said to be a "memorable evening, much enjoyed by a good attendance of parishioners and friends".

In 1978, the question of having a primary school for the parish was raised, as St Monica's school in the Stantonbury parish was filling up. Fr Connolly asked parents to provide details of all children from 0 to 9 years so that he could justify the need for one.
New Priest
In September 1979, Fr Koenig came as the new priest in Wolverton, at which time the Bishop decided to divide the parish into two, making a new parish of the Stony Stratford area with the remaining areas, including Stacey Bushes, Hodge Lea and Greenleys as Wolverton parish.