St Mary Magdalene
The 1990's
In more recent times the parish has stopped growing and, as the population of Stony Stratford is not growing very much either, congregations have dwindled a little and have fewer young people and children. This is partly also because several other Catholic churches have since been built in and around Milton Keynes, for example St Augustine's and St Edward the Confessor.

It has been suggested that, eventually, St Mary Magdalene and St Francis de Sales may amalgamate into one parish again. It will be interesting to see how that works if it does come about.

This change is in contrast to the way the parish was growing in the 1970's when Fr Connolly was quoted in an article as saying:

"The older residents have been somewhat submerged, or rather outnumbered, by the new arrivals and this has obviously led to changes, but I think people have adapted very well. It has, of course, made a great difference to the congregations we have in the church - there has been an increase in numbers and people have come from so many different parts of the country and brought with them a different outlook."

Fr Connolly also added:

"I wouldn't say it's been a bad change. The influence of other traditions, other customs from different parts of the country can be very helpful and useful".

Parish Pilgrimages
A parish Pilgrimage is taken, every two years, with Father Connolly, usually to Lourdes in France. The next Pilgrimage is being planned already for October 2002 to Fatima in Portugal. Father Connolly went there in 1998, as a present from the parish, on the 50th anniversary of his ordination as a Priest. He is hoping to return there with many members of the parish along too.