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I was born in Cosgrove, Northamptonshire in 1922 and lived there until I was six years of age. After this I moved with my parents to Loughton. I attended Shenley school until I was twelve years of age and then moved on to the Elmers Grammar School, Bletchley, until the age of seventeen. After leaving school I worked for a short time on my father's farm.

In 1941, I was approached regarding employment at Bletchley Park. After a lot of briefing I was taken on as a Temporary Assistant and worked in the Card Index Department (Naval). After four years I left, when my services were no longer required owing to the termination of the work for which I had been engaged.

I then returned to working on the farm until my father's death in 1957. I then decided to take up Dental Nursing. After training in general practice and at Nene College, Northampton, I qualified and then worked for Buckinghamshire Community Dental Service until I retired in 1984.

I have lived in Loughton most of my life. We have had to adapt to great changes here since I was a child, with many people moving into the area through the second World War (evacuees) and the population explosion due to the building of Milton Keynes, Loughton being right in the centre of the designated area. Not all bad though!

I was a member of the Baptist Church for many years here, also a Brownie and Girl Guide.
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