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London Road and the New Road

When we went to school we always had to cross the road it was extremely dangerous - it was the main London to Birmingham road - there was no M1. There were several fatal accidents on that crossroads including the village policeman who lived just over the other side of the road. We had an AA scout there for a number of years - Sid Roberts. He stood there in his uniform and always wore white gloves. Then they decided that there must be a bypass, for safety reasons.

Wimpeys were the construction workers, it went on for ages, they started it and then came to a halt for a period and then started again. That made a tremendous difference.

The major change to Loughton came when the flyover was opened because you didn't get the volume of traffic, so that was a change for the better. We lost our AA scout, he was no longer necessary, and after the war we seemed to have new people coming in to the area, not like we have since Milton Keynes started but whereas it was very rare for a new family to come, particularly in the church, you did have a gradual influx of new people. I don't rememer a lot of new building along the A5 until Milton Keynes came. Some of the older cottages along there were condemned - today they don't condemn places like they did in those days - but they were considered unfit for habitation so they were pulled down and the bungalows were built along here to house the people. They built more council houses , in my early days there were no council houses down Pitcher Lane, and now there are quite a few.

The top end of London Road was altered at the same time as the flyover was built, when the Fountainwas owned, I think, by Captain McCormack. He was there for a number of years.
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