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That was the shop you see, when my Grandparents had this big round, around Stratford, Wolverton, etc, they worked from there and there was a slaughterhouse just up the road, not far from the Fountain. Things that went on in those days wouldn't be allowed today. I never saw any animals slaughtered, so who slaughtered them I don't know. That is where it was carried out. The slaughterhouse was eventually annexed on to the Fountain.

The Fountain in its early days was just an ordinary village pub - quite a large one though, you had - on the other side of the road - the Plough which was quite a small place. The Fountain was always the more superior of the pubs, but nothing like it looks today. Things changed - it had been tenanted - then there was Commander Harrison - it was when he came along that my Grandfather decided to sell it.

He was a retired Naval Commander and he had only been there for a couple of years when war was declared and he was called up because he was on the reserve list. He had only been at sea for about six months when his ship was torpedoed and he was drowned. That was all very sad, but he had begun to make great changes to the Fountain. He renamed it 'the inn that is different' and there were large signs all along towards Bletchley and Stony Stratford. "You are now approaching the inn that is different" and it attracted a high class clientele, quite wealthy people, because it was brought up to a very high standard as a restaurant.

It had been bought by my great grandfather. They came from Bedford. They came down in the world - they were quite wealthy people - I know one of the things that happened was a dispute over some land in Bedford. It went to the high court in `London. My Great Grandfather was convinced that he would win - he had the top people to defend him and he lost, lost all his money. They had two sons, my Grandfather and his brother Fred, and several girls. My Grandfather Bodley was sent to London to do training as an apprentice at Smithfield in butchery . They had enough money to buy the Fountain and the shop but the bulk of the money had all gone.

My Grandfather's brother had the pub for a time. He died in his early sixties of a heart attack. He didn't live to be very old. The girls all got married or went their separate ways. Their descendants are all over the place - Wales, Gloucestershire.
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