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Born on April 3rd 1924 in Loughton.

Educated at Shenley School to age 13 yrs, then 2 yrs at Wolverton Technical college.

Started work at L.M.S. Railway Works (Wolverton) as an APP. Joiner in April 1939. Redundant in 1987-credited with 48 years service on the railway, mostly making furniture for railway office, at one period, in charge of 20 men, sometime, after making, installing furniture at Manchester, Birmingham, Derby, Preston, London and other Railway Centres. Also, about 20 years ago? Making 50 Large Oak Bench Seats which are still in use in Milton Keynes Centre Shopping Area.

As a small boy, joined the Cubs and became senior 'sixer'(still have my cap with 2 stars). Joined the Scouts for a short period.

Choirboy at Loughton Baptist Church for several years. When the war came, I joined the fire service and A.R.P. and so on to Home Guard.

1942 conscripted to army. After training sent to Northants Yeomanry as driver mechanic. Driving all types of tanks. Went to Normandy June 1944 and on through France, Belgium, Holland and Germany. Swopped from Shermans to Amphibious vehicles for the Rhine crossing March 1945. Spent 18 months in Germany after the war (waiting to be demobbed!) Helping patrol Frontier Zone on river Elbe etc.

After being demobbed in 1947, I met Wynne who was in the Land Army and we married in 1950, 3 children followed and 2 grandchildren. March 11th 2000 we celebrated our golden wedding!

Community Work:

School manager over 20 years.
Trustee of village Memorial Hall for 25 years (20 being secretary).
Member of Parish Council 26 years.
Treasurer of Loughton Baptist Church 13 years.
Trustee of several village Charities 35 years.

Since retiring in 1987:

Member of WRVS. At one time serving Tea / Coffee / Snacks in the
Law Courts and Woodhill Prison. And am still delivering Meals-on-
Wheels to this present day.

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