School Lessons 1922

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Lavendon School
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27th February

We held an "Open Day" this afternoon. About 30 parents visited. The Time table was not kept. The appointment of Miss Maskell terminates tomorrow.

17th March

As the Examinations have been held this week the Time Table has not been strictly kept.

24th May

Empire Day kept as last year by kindness of Mr Parris

14th June

I leave school tonight in charge of Mrs Ingram as I take 19 of the children to London tomorrow for 2 weeks educational tour. Should a supply be available the managers have consented to Mrs Ingram and Miss Paybody proceeding to London to help the scheme. Both will come for half the available time. J Bristow

17th July

Time Table altered to permit drill for Upper Class from 10.45 - 11.10 to enable Miss Paybody to play for dancing.

18th July

The school closes tonight until Thursday morning

20th July

School reopened. Yesterday the Upper Class gave an exhibition of Maypole and Morris Dancing at Brayfield House.

24th July

During the coming week I intend having terminal exams through the school. The ordinary Time Table will not therefore be kept.

25th July

16 of the Upper Class are dancing tonight at Newton Blossomville in aid of Church Fete Funds

27th July

Miss Neal (Needlework Inspectress) called today

29th September

The Lower Division went on a ramble to collect nature study specimens this afternoon. As the children were caught in a storm I dismissed them at 3.45pm.

9th October

The children's club opens tonight. Each of the staff takes one night of the week, thus we shall be able to open three times weekly.

14th November

A mock election was held in school today. Major Farrer acting as Returning Officer. The school will be closed tomorrow 15th for Election purposes.

4th December

As I propose commencing Terminal Examination during this week the Time Table will not be kept throughout the school.

5th December

Miss Neale, Needlework Inspectress, visited school today, at 11.50 and left at 3.15pm.

14th December

Miss Dunn, Physical Drill Organiser, visited today. Major and Hon. Mrs. Farrer called reference taking a party of 12 children to Northampton on Saturday to see "As you like it" performed by Sir CF Bensons Company. Mrs Hulser called about the School concert.

20th December

A full dress rehearsal of Xmas Concert held in afternoon. Club children gave concert to parents by invitations.

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