Lavendon School Lessons 1920 Full Details

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5th March

Prelim Exam taken this morning in accordance with instructions for minor scholarships.

Received Competition scheme from Jelfs this morning (needlework).

12th March

Two answers found wrong in Test sums for Prelim Exam, one in five and one in six.

26th March

Term Exam this week. Time table not strictly adhered to except religious instruction time.

31st March

Close this afternoon for Easter Holidays. Received exemp certificate this morn for Harry Freeman, Herbert Davis and Leonard Haylor. Harry Freeman has had an unbroken attendance during his school career of 8 years.

16th April

Reopened School on Tuesday 13th April after Easter Holidays.

23rd April

HMI of Schools Reeves Esq visited school on Tuesday and remained all day. He suggested script writing should be taught and this was commenced at once.

19th May

HMI Report received - see separate entry for copy of report.

11th June

Commenced new Note Books in School yesterday. Pictures and building bricks not yet received

15th October

Miss Dunn Physical Intructress visited school on Tuesday afternoon and examined all drill exercises.

17th December

Term Exam taken this week. Timetable not adhered to except as regards Scripture lessons.

23rd December

As I have no assistance this week it was impossible to adhere to timetable though it was done as far as possible.

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