Lavendon School Lessons 1919 Full Details
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31st January

The snow has considerably lowered the average attendance for the week.

7th February

Miss Henry, sewing inspectress visited school yesterday.

7th March

HMI of Schools - Reeves Esq. visited school yesterday and remained all day.

28th March

Term Exam taken this week. Time table not adhered to. Results recorded in Registers.

4th April

The New Year (School) began on Tuesday.

2nd May

May singing.

16th May

I was away from School on Parish Business by permission of the Managers. C.G.Watkins Esq., Education Secretary visited the same afternoon. Wednesday afternoon's lessons were taken on Tuesday and Tuesday's on Wednesday because of my absence.

23rd May

Empire Day observed according to instructions.

4th June

Close this afternoon for Whitsun Holiday.

20th June

Reopened after Whit Monday on Monday last. Nearly all present.

25th July

The Correspondent visited this morning and brought Periodical Circular - needlework scheme from Education Office. Term Exams taken this week. Time Table not adhered to except with regards to Religious Instruction. Record in Record register.

1st August

Closed this afternoon for Harvest Holidays.

3rd October

Commenced sale of potatoes from school plot at 4/- per bushel (approx. 20p).

17th October

closed this afternoon for Kings Holiday and village Feast.

12th December

Term Exams taken. Time tables with regard to secular work not adhered to.

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