The Effects at Junction 14

Motorway services at Newport Pagnell.

The slip road at Newport Pagnell services would be made longer to provide sufficient length for acceleration and deceleration of vehicles. Considerable redevelopment would be necessary at the Northbound services as the restaurant on this side would be affected by the widening.
The present maintenance depot would also need to be relocated to a site adjacent to J14.
A tree line is proposed as a screen and a 5 meter noise fence around the eastern side of the services.

Motorway bridges.

All the overbridges with the exception of Monks Way and Portfields Farm would need to be replaced under the proposals because of inadequate clearence. Monks way bridge carrying the A422 over the motorway at Milton Keynes is wide enough to permit widening to 4 lanes. Portfields Farm bridge, north of Newport Pagnell, would be demolished and not replaced.

Although these plans were draughted in 1993, no work has begun on the proposed widening of the M1 and there is no indication as to if and when it might happen.

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