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Ben Cowburn
Ben Cowburn was one of the earliest and most successful F section agents between 1941-44. He undertook four separate missions into Occupied France and was awarded medals to include the Military Cross and Bar, France and Germany star, Defence Medal War medal, 1939-45, Legion d’Honeur and Croix de Guerre avec palm
Yvonne Cormeau
Yvonne Cormeau was born in 1909 in Shanghai. Her mother was Scottish and her father Belgian. Educated in Belgium and Scotland, during World War Two S.O.E. recruited her from the W.A.A.F. and after in -depth training she was parachuted into Franch during 1943. There she operated for the WHEEL WRIGHT circuit
in the Bordeaux region. Codenamed Anette, she completed many operations and was awarded the Legion d’ Honeur, Croix de Guerre and the M.B.E..During her missions as an F Section wireless operator, in South West France, she made over 400 transmissions, from August, 1943, until the Liberation.
Womens Auxiliary Air Force tunic, worn by Yvonne Cormeau. The dress worn by Cormeau, whilst evading arrest by a German patrol. She was shot in the leg but managed to make her escape. The bullet hole in the dress has since been mended. Briefcase carried by Cormeau when she was shot. You can still see the bloodstains. Leather handbag manufactured by S.O.E., containing a concealed compartment in which wireless signals plans are partially hidden. Pocket knife kept by Cormeau from her parachute drop. Powder compact given to Cormeau by Maurice Buckmaster, the head of F Section. Gold watch given to Cormeau. The watch formally belonged to a Gestapo informer.
False papers; work permit, i.d. card, demobilisation
certificate, pass issued to Cowburn by the Resistance
after the Liberation
Items belonging to Ben Cowburn and Yvonne Cormeau, as seen on display at the Imperial War Museum, London.