Training Schools used by the Special Operations Executive
The schools are listed by station number, location and who was in command
40 Howbury Hall, Near Waterend Beds.
MAJ. P. Tidmarsh
53B Poundon House, Poundon, Bicester.
MAJ. J. Adams.
53A Grendon Hall, Grendon Uuderwood.
MAJ. D. Phillips
42 Roughwood Park,
Chalfont St, Giles Bucks.
MAJ. V. E. Blomfield.
46 Chichley Hall,
Newport Pagnell.
MAJ. J. W. Harper
41 Gumley Hall,
Market Harborough.
MAJ. J. H. Drumbrell.
Grendon Underwood
From mid June, 1942, S.O.E. was freed from a dependance on the communications network of MI6 and began to establish its own wireless operations. As one of four home based receiving stations, Grendon Underwood employed many of the necessary personnel, from cipher clerks to radio operators.
Poundon House
Poundon was another of the home stations, communicating with agents abroad. An agreement between the British, Americans and the Canadians in September,1941, led to a special agent training school being established at Oshwaka, near Toronto and this was used to train American agents. Known as STS 103 and run by S.O.E., It was largely responsible for setting up the American O.S.S. The site had a secret wireless station nearby, communicating directly with Poundon, in England.
Chicheley Hall
This was Special Training School No. 46 of the Special Operations Executive. A first reference is made in June, 1941 and by May, 1942, the school was being used to train Czech agents. In July 1942, the school was then handed over to the Czechs to carry out their own training. Poles are mentioned as being trained in March, 1944 but from April, 1944, the Hall found use as a F.A.N.Y. Wireless telegraphy training school.
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