In early 1942, Johannes Reinholz left GS1 and Frank Lynder, son of a Bremen bookseller, took over as Der Chef’s adjutant, having been interviewed by Delmer in November, 1941. His mother being Jewish, he had fled from Germany in 1938 and successful at Delmer’s interview, in January, 1942, he travelled to Bletchley Station, being taken from there by car to the Aspley Guise headquarters.

Only until September, 1942, when the time was judged appropriate, did Der Chef begin to attack Hitler - albeit obliquely - since much of Germany, although now to a lesser degree, still shared his ambitions. The policy of GS1, to avoid an antagonistic backlash, was therefore to portray him as a victim of corrupt, self seeking, party parasites who swayed his decisions for their own ends. Especially targeted were high party officials and the S.S.
The best for music and for news, GS1 eventually attracted - according to an S.O.E. report from Sweden - a larger audience than the official German radio stations and in fact the Gestapo became so alarmed that the investigation of individual reports began, fuelled by suspicions of close collusion with the German armed forces. Indeed, in December, 1942, the capture of an anti Nazi prisoner, General Von Thomas, revealed that he thought the secret station to be in Germany, further disclosing that the Gestapo had tried to discover it’s location but failed. Yet on occasions a basic error could well have revealed the true nature of the broadcasts for at least on one instance, another British station had been allowed to come on the air, employing the same frequency as GS1, immediately after the latter had closed.

Knowing as well as Delmer that the best forms of propaganda lay in entertainment, Goebbels was led to comment of his rival; his ‘very close acquaintance with German conditions enabled him to invest his vulgar attacks with great versimilitude’.

With new British propaganda stations now in operation or being planned, a decision was reached to fade out GS1 and in consequence, when ‘caught’ by the Gestapo, Der Chef dramatically broke off in mid transmission, at the end of October, 1943. He actually ‘died’ twice, however, since a non German speaking technician erroneously broadcast the disc again, after the last episode!