At the beginning of WWII, MI6 set up a section to look after radio communications. This "Special Communications Unit" was run by Brigadier Richard Gambier-Parry. It was based in the village of Whaddon. Headquartered at Whaddon Hall the SCU consisted of SCU 1, which was actually in Whaddon and SCU 3, which was based in nearby Horwood. These pages describe SCU activities as well as giving a flavour of the people involved.
Background - How the SCU came into being

Whaddon - General SCU information

Whaddon Hall - The HQ of SCU 1

Windy Ridge - Radio Operations

Horwood - What went on there

Brig. Gambier-Parry - Commander of SCU

Tattenhoe Camp - A home away from home?

Aerial view of Whaddon Hall taken during World War II