SCU - Tattenhoe Camp
Around June, 1944, all the personnel from the surrounding sites were moved from their civilian billets to a new camp at Tattenhoe. This had the provision of a single dining room for all ranks and this and the cookhouse were operated by A.T.S. girls under Sergeant Steadman. Three meals a day were prepared plus haversack rations for shift workers. At the camp, each accommodation hut had a central corridor and cubicles either side, about ten feet square. On three sides were solid walls with an entrance covered by a black curtain. A single iron bedstead was provided with a straw mattress and also in each room was a wardrobe cupboard, made from rough-sawn elm boards. Tubular electric strips initially provided the heating but later this was superseded by a steam system, fed from a large solid fuelled boiler.
Site of Tattenhoe Camp today. At junction of Whaddon Way and Buckingham Road in Far Bletchley
'Nobby' tended this apparatus and amongst his other duties he was also the barman and dispensed the N.A.A.F.I. cigarette and chocolate rations. The camp afforded much more of a social life with a bar, games room and reading room.
drop, picking up the nightshift and then returning to Tattenhoe. The same procedure would be applied to Potsgrove and never once, in all weathers, did the transport system fail.
Pictured left, An Austin Tilley