An exhibition associated with this website will be displayed at Bletchley Park

If you thought that Bletchley Park and its code-breaking was the only secret activity, going on in what is now Milton Keynes, you are in for a surprise. Heavy bombing drove many government departments to find a safer environment than London. The North Buckinghamshire countryside was perfect and convenient road and rail networks meant that a good number of departments re-located here.The purpose of this web site is to explain the other government operations that were being carried out. You will find details of the various departments, their purpose, locations, role and also the history of the various areas used. Float over the buttons below to see where in Milton Keynes the various war departments were based. Click on them and you can find out more.

This web site has been created by a team of parents who have or had children attending Emerson Valley Combined School, Milton Keynes.  This has been part of The CLUTCH Club Millennium Award Scheme.

Map Images produced from the Ordnanace Survey. Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey and Multi Media Mapping.