Emerson Valley Combined School, Milton Keynes opened in 1996, to serve the areas of Emerson, Westcroft, Tattenhoe, Shenley Brook End and Furzton, Emerson Valley Combined School how has approximately 700 pupils and a staff of 55. Mrs Jill Forbes is the Headteacher.
Sponsored by the Millennium Award Commission and in partnership with the Open University, the Clutch Club project has provided an opportunity for interested groups of parents, from local schools, to not only participate in the research of a local history topic but also to learn the technical skills necessary, to then present their findings on an Internet website.

Our group, from the Emerson Valley School, decided to investigate the local Secret Intelligence Activities that were carried out during World War Two and each member chose to investigate a particular branch.

Amanda Ainger - Secret Aviation
Janet Barker - Political Warfare Executive
Stephen Barker - Special Communications
Sheena McMahon - Special Operations Executive
Sarah Sargent - Radio Security Service
John Taylor - Dept. Electra House & Political Intelligence Dept. - Political Warfare Executive

The Open University in Milton Keynes, is working in partnership with the Living Archive, a community development organisation based in Wolverton, to run a Millennium Award scheme, supported by the Millennium Commission from the National Lottery Funding. By the end of 2001, this web site will feature projects from 60 clubs and will provide a resource for supporting children's Education and knowledge about the local community.