Fund Raising

With so many Villagers out and about on Feast Sunday, attending the Church services and preparing for the Fair, there was a perfect opportunity to undertake some fund raising. This tradition still continues in the form of the Village fete, where funds are raised by the Village Societies and Clubs as well as the Community Association, but this is relatively recent.

The Church has been fund raising during the period of the Patronal festival in a number of unique ways over the last 75 years.

A 1944 farthing.

In the early part of the 20th century, children helped to collect farthings. The 1924 Bucks Herald reports that "In the afternoon (of Feast Sunday), the Sunday school children brought about 1000 farthings for the Diocesan fund". This was referred to again in the Bucks Herald's 1935 report "A collection of farthings was made at the Childrens service".

'Christine Garrard and Pat Marsh add their contribution to a long line of pennies in aid of church funds at Wingrave Fete' Bucks Advertiser July 8th 1955.

After the war, someone thought up the idea of surrounding the Church with pennies to raise funds for the Church Restoration. This took place from 7am to 5pm on the Feast Sunday and continued for some years.

A 1967 'old' penny

This was serious fund raising. In 1978 3,993 (new) pennies were placed. By 1980 the Church was encouraging participants to place 10 pence pieces as well as pennies.

Here is the "Ten shilling measuring rod" used by Jack Tompkins, a stalwart of the Church as well as being a skilled carpenter and dedicated bell-ringer.

This is calibrated to measure the 'old' pennies placed round the church, and also convert them into 'new pence'. However, this rod could not have been used to measure the 'new pennies' as they are smaller in circumference than the 'old' pennies. We believe it was therefore used at the time of decimalisation i.e. the late 1960s/early 1970s.

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