About us

We are a group of 5 parents from Wingrave C of E Primary School who, between March and October 2001, have participated in The Open University and The Living Archive Millennium Awards CLUTCH Scheme.

"Computer Literacy Understanding Through Community History" or CLUTCH is a scheme to research an aspect of local history and receive training on the latest multimedia technologies to produce a web site.

We are very grateful to the following people who helped us to produce this site: Norman Brackley, Rev. John Heffer, Prudence Goodwin, Brenda Horne, Margaret Morley, Pat Roberts, Joyce Round, Dorothy Simpson, Michael Tunnicliffe, Rev. Bob Wilmott.

Any comments or further information, please visit our Guestbook.

Janet Biddle, Philip Earwicker, Caroline Kirkup (grandaughter of Hilda Roberts), Don Kirkup and Paul Vaughan. Keith Bell is our 'mentor' from the school.

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