Millennium Tour

Willen Hospice

This is Willen Hospice, a place that cares for the terminally ill.
The Hospice occupies the building that was once Manor Farm. The last farmers to live here were the Rees family. Henry Rees came to the village as a tenant farmer in 1929. He then bought the entire village from the Busby Trust in 1948 for around £22 000.

The houses were sold off to private owners during the 60s and 70s. The land was sold to the MK Development Corporation. Even though the purpose of the building has changed, there are still clues to the past to be found around the grounds.

The mill stone tells us that there was once a mill in the village.

The staddle stone is a relic of an old granary that stood in the grounds until the late 60s.

The well is evidence of daily life before the coming of piped water supplies from a water treatment works.

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