The Times they are a Changing
Milton Keynes has seen many changes over the last few years some very drastic some more gradual, the village of Wavendon and the surrounding Wavendon Gate area being no exception. The village itself has not seen many drastic changes over the most recent years, and has managed in lots of ways to have maintained its charm and character.

Even though I am a relative newcomer to Wavendon Gate, I moved here in 1992. I have seen a number of changes in the surrounding areas of the village.

Obviously the Wavendon Gate area has been greatly extended over recent years with new houses being built all the time. I personally have seen the disappearance of green fields, being replaced with houses. We have seen the growth of a completely new community, which includes two brand new schools; (Wavendon Gate combined school and Walton High Secondary school), a pavilion, and a shared local centre and health centre. Slightly further a field we have seen a large supermarket/retail development centre (Kingston) and various business/industrial units (Brinklow) coming into the area.

Wavendon Gate Combined School
All of these have had an effect on the village of Wavendon and the people who live there. Some of these effects have been good for the village. Some people may say not so good. For example, the growth in the population in the area has had an effect on the village church congregation. When we spoke to Reverend Lunn, he said his congregation had grown over recent years, which can only be good for the church. The new schools in the area again have had an effect on parents. We are very lucky to have two new well-equipped schools in the area, but again these schools, particularly Wavendon Gate combined school has had an effect on the local village school. It has seen a change in numbers, particularly the last couple of years since the new school opened.

The industrial/retail units have also bought about changes. Whilst bringing employment into the area for a lot of people, the opening of the larger convenience type store has had an adverse effect on the local village store, and small local traders. There is even an area, next to Wavendon Tower, which has been named Wavendon Gate Industry, which is still to be developed.

The newer pavilion on Wavendon Gate has given people living in the area a good centre for events, functions, and fetes with regular weekly activities being held there (i.e. playgroup, keep fit etc). This has obviously had a devastating effect on the Wavendon Village community centre. That is still being used regularly by the village school for all its activities, including the childrens lunchtimes. The Stables theatre, which has recently undergone extensive improvements, has also put Wavendon village firmly on the map.

This plot originally had two detached bungalows, it now has 11 executive style homes
We cannot, in this day and age, completely avoid change. It is inevitable that we must move with the times and our lives and the lives of our children will change accordingly. What will Wavendon be like in another ten years? As towns expand local villages everywhere will be affected. But to have the best of both worlds; the benefits of good local amenities and the charm and character of a village, with a friendly caring community is surely the best solution.

Serena Teer, CLUTCH Club member
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