Wavendon Village

Wavendon is a small village in the county of Buckinghamshire on the south east boundary of Milton Keynes next door to the estate of Wavendon Gate and the road to Woburn Sands. It is probably most well known for The Stables, an internationally renowned entertainment venue and education centre, which was founded by Wavendon residents Dame Cleo Laine and John Dankworth.

Wavendon, like other small villages, has seen a number of changes since Milton Keynes has grown up beside it. The residential and commercial development of large parts of the surrounding countryside has had a significant impact on this small village. The Stables has also recently undergone a major face lift.

How has this affected the village?

Whilst researching information for our web site about Wavendon, we spoke to a number of people who can remember how the village used to be before Milton Keynes started to grow. Take a tour of the village and look at the church, school and The Stables to see how you think Milton Keynes has affected Wavendon.

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