A Tour of Wavendon Village

Wavendon Village is a small village in Buckinghamshire. On this village page you will be taken on a short tour telling you a little bit about some of the interesting buildings we have.

Map made by Yr1 pupils at Wavendon First School
Let's start with Wavendon First School.

The school is on Walton Road, the main street running through the village.

The present school was built in the late 1960's although there has been a school in the village since the 1700's. The original school building was demolished in 1973. The school currently accomodates around 93 pupils and 13 staff compared to approximately 40 pupils in 1970. The school has four classes known by year and colour group. Leave the school grounds and cross the road.

Opposite the school is St Marys Church.

The mediaeval church of St Mary the Virgin is the oldest surviving building in the village. The present vicar of St Marys is the Reverend Lunn. Visit the church page to hear the bells and read the interview with Reverend Lunn.

Leave St Marys and turn right. You are now walking along Walton Road. On your left you will see flats where the old school building used to stand. You will also see the old school clock and two coats of arms. These are all that remain of the old school building.

Continue walking along to the corner. Turn left and you will see the Village Store and Post Office. The Post office has been in a number of different building in it's time including the white house on the opposite corner. The Village Stores are run by Mr and Mrs Shah and sell anything and everything.
Across the road from the shop you will see the Plough Pub, one of two pubs in the village. The other pub is the Leathern Bottel at the other end of Walton Road. The Plough has quite a history. It was once the pub the coach men used and had a large covered area for the coaches to pull into. At one time there were three pubs in the village. The third pub was called The Red house. If you look down Phoebe Lane you will see the old sign on the wall of one of the houses. The owner of the house claims to have seen a ghost of a man wearing a Trilby Hat and smoking. He was seen to walk through a wall where a door used to be when it was a pub.
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