The Lords of the Manor
Pre Domesday ~ Queen Edith

1066 ~ Godric Cratel (Walter Giffard / tenant called Hugh)

during the reign of William II, Henry I and King Stephen there are no records of the Lords of The Manor but it is known that the De Bereville Family held the Lordship

1154 Amabel de Bereville

1165 Hugh de Keynes

1222 Lucas de Keynes

1259 John de Keynes

Went to his wife Maud on his death

passed to their son Robert during this time

1288 Phillip de Aylesbury (marries Margaret de Keynes)

1349 John de Aylesbury

1372 Thomas de Aylesbury

1436 Humphrey Stafford

1450Humphrey Stafford

1488 Sir Edward Poyning

1521 Humphrey Stafford

1545 Sir Humphrey Stafford

1548 Humphrey Stafford

1595 John Stafford

1606 William Of Blatherwyke

1629 William Stafford

1637 Edward Stafford

1638 Charles Stafford

1643William Stafford

1652 Henry Stafford

1677 Heneage Finch and Daniel Finch

1682 Daniel Finch

1730 Daniel Finch

1769 George Finch

1826 George Finch (of Burley- On- The- Hill)

1870 George Henry Finch

1907 Alan George Finch

1914 Wilfred H. Finch(of Burley-On -The-Hill)

1939 Mr Mitchell

1946 Merchant Venturers

bought by the Development Corporation when the New City of Milton Keynes was planned.