The Society of Merchant

Venturers of Bristol

The Merchant venturers owned the village from the 1940's up until it was sold to the Development Corporation when the New City of Milton Keynes was in the planning stage.
In the 1940's St. Monica's Trust (Home of Rest established in 1922 by the Wills Woodbine tobacco company) purchased Milton Keynes village as a commercial opportunity. The St. Monica's Trust is part of the Society of Merchant Venturers' of Bristol. The land was held in trust by the Merchant Venturers' until it was bought by the Development Corporation.
This book plate was found inside one of the books on the shelf of a Clutch Club member until now undiscovered.

The inscription at the top of the page reads

"Go and do thou likewise"

From as early as 1595 the Society of Merchant Venturers' maintained a school for the children of mariners. Over the centuries other educational causes included the foundation of the University of Bristol , and the formation of Colston's School (now Colston's Collegiate) for boys' and Colston's Girls' School.
The Society of Merchant Venturers' received its first charter from Edward VI in 1552. It played a major role in the commercial and economic life of Bristol , and had an influence far outreaching the confines of the city. Although originally founded , with commercial concerns for a select group of merchants' it matured , and redirected its influence for the benefit of the citizens of Bristol.