Some life experiences from Mr Ray Bell-Chambers, late of the Milton Keynes Development Corporation, now spends his time at the Rural Museum at Stacey Bushes.

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Wood Carving
Linford Poem
Did you know?
Did you know that the villagers of Great Linford were at certain times allowed to collect dead and fallen trees for firewood. Also in the autumn they were allowed pannage, this means they could take their pigs into the woods to eat acorns and beechnuts.
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The area in and around Linford Wood has had some very interesting visitors over the years and has also mentioned in the Domesday Book.

We have had Saxon settlements, Roman villas, Mediaeval Barons, Highwaymen, even one of Guy Fawkes's accomplices lived locally and was hung drawn and quartered for his part in the gunpowder plot; even Henry V111 stayed in the Local Manor House and went hunting in the area, who knows maybe he visited our Wood.

Coming more up to date we have learnt that Linford Wood played its part in the first world war, when the wood was stripped of its Mature Oaks and other trees to make things to help the war effort.

So all these interesting people and things that have happened, that we have already learned a bit about at School have helped make our Linford Wood what it is today.

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